July 17-18th , 2020  Eco Plastic company had a really good trip to Cam Pha and Ha Long city. It’s time for all members in company close together and have a relax gap.

In the first day, we had wonderful time in Cam Pha city. We gone to the beach and played team-building. This kind of game is really fun and bring the united. After that, we had a buffet and sang together.

In the afternoon, we came back to the hotel and took a rest until the sunset. In the evening, we had a dinner at Seafood restaurant. We cheered and shared many funny stories about work and life. At 8:30 PM, we gone to Karaoke and danced until midnight. Then we gone to sleep.

In the next day, we got up early to welcome the dawn and gone to the seafood market to bought crab, octopus, fish, squid,….

There are many species which living in the sea in here, some of them we never seen it before. This market is really abundant and diversity.

At 9:00 AM, we gone to the Sun World Ha long. It is the biggest  entertainment complex in the North of Viet Nam. There are 3 main parks here: Dragon park, Typhoon Water park and the Sun wheel. There are many exciting games to conquer. We had unforgettable experiences in Ha Long Park.

In the lunchtime, we had seafood party at unique restaurant. It is time to say goodbye to this beautiful city.

Through this trip, we had a lot of fun and experiences together. This is not only company trip but also family trip. We hope that we will have more trip like this in the future. This trip unite people and improve the team work spirit. WHERE THERE IS UNITY THERE IS ALWAYS VICTORY.