Materials used for biodegradable bags

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Biodolomer® Vapour exhibits the following properties:
• Excellent process-ability on conventional process lines
• Down gauging to 10 μm possible, typical thicknesses: 15 -120 μm
• Good mechanical properties
• Breathability
• Excellent welding properties
• Ready to use grade
• Decor printable by flexo printing. No corona treatment needed.
• Contains renewable resources

Certification of Compostability
and Biodegradability

Biodolomer® Vapour fulfills the requirements of the existing stan-
dards for compostable and biodegradable polymers, because it is degraded by microorganisms. Biodolomer® create no micro plastics.
The biodegradation process in soil depends on the specific environment (climate, soil quality, population of microorganisms).

Food Regulatory Status

Biodolomer® Vapour is one of the few compostable polymers, which
complies in its composition with the European food stuff legislation for
food contact, EU Directive 10 / 2011 / EC with amendment 2016/1416
and US food contact notification for the main components: e. g. FCN
178, 475 and 907. Specific limitations and more details are given on

Form Supplied and Storage

Biodolomer® Vapour is supplied as lenticular pellets in 1 t big bags.
Storage time of unopened bags atleast 12 month at room temperature (23 °C).


Biodolomer® Vapour has been developed for conversion on blown
film, cast film and lamination processes.
Biodolomer® Vapour may be used as a breathable laminating layer
in non woven, and other structures, for hygiene and medical applications.