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First of all, Vietnam Eco Plastic Joint Stock Company (Eco Plastic technology Viet Nam) would like to send our respectful greetings and wishes for health and success.

Established in March 2014, Eco Plastic Viet Nam is proud to have built a professional production management system and personnel system specializing in manufacturing and exporting plastic bags worldwide.

By building a factory in compliance with Japanese standards, equipped with modern specialized machinery and equipment. Quality assurance equipment such as dust blowers, insect nets, uniforms, and protective helmets is installed and used 100%. Besides, the 5S method is also implemented synchronously, we are very pleased to have built trust and good cooperation with customers in France, Japan, the USA, the UK, Korea, Singapore, Ireland, Hong Kong, Italy, Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.

Once again, Eco Plastic Viet Nam would like to thank our valued customers for trusting and cooperating with us in the past time. Hopefully, Eco Plastic Vietnam will contribute a small part to the success of our customers. 

Best regards!


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