Drawstring Garbage Bags

Recommend using: multipurposesuch as in supermarket, school, hospital, daily household

Material:  Virgin or recycled HDPE/LDPE-Strong Durable Plastic

Supply Ability: 100 tons per month

Origin: Viet Nam

Brand: Eco Plastic

Specifications according to client’s request

Color: black, white, pink, yellow…etc

Printing: up to 4 colors


What are our fears every time we take out the trash? It is an unpleasant feeling due to dirty garbage sticking to your hands and a strong smell of garbage because ordinary garbage bags do not have a string to tie   which greatly affects your health and living environment. So is there any type of bag that can tie the mouth of the bag and help us bring it to the dump easily without worrying about getting our hands dirty? Yes, that's why the Drawstring Trash Bag Roll was born. Drawstring Garbage Bags helps to clean the house easily to keep your living space tidy and clean. Is this kind of Trash Bags convenient? Yes, it is because it is rolled into a roll when using you just need to tear the bag according to the available perforation line then open and pull the drawstring part. The drawstring of the bag is very flexible which can both tie the mouth of the bag and make the handle without the fear of breaking. Drawstring Trash Bag is made of non-toxic and durable plastic material. Therefore, big trash bin with water will be transported in a durable and sealed way, helping the bin with water inside to be transported without leaking dirty water out. Although Drawstring Garbage Bags are convenient, the price is extremely reasonable so it is suitable for consumers of all income levels from high to low. Drawstring garbage bags are placed in many locations to facilitate waste collection helping your living and working places become airier, clean


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