Block Header Bags

Recommend using: in supermarket, retail store, department stores, shopping mall, grocery stores, daily household

Material:  Virgin or recycled HDPE/LDPE

Supply Ability: 150 tons per month

Origin: Viet Nam

Brand: Eco Plastic

Specifications according to client’s request

Color: transparent, milky white, black…etc

Printing: up to 4 colors


Block header bags are agglutinated by heat holes under pack of 50 pcs or 100pcs or 200pcs depends on customer’s request.  It is easy for customers to take each bag out of pack for packaging. Because Block Header Bagshas hanging holes  and the pack (50 pcs or 100 pcs)  is attached to each other at the top when using  the customer will hang the pack  and each time just pull it one by one. Nowadays, blockhead bag is used more and more in the supermarkets. This bag can be plain or printed


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